Thank you

Wow!  Where did that year go?  We really can’t believe the summer holidays are here and another fantastic year in KS1 has come to an end! 

Thank you to the children and their families for the kind words and wonderful end of year cards and gifts that we have received.  We really do appreciate them.


Thank you also for supporting your children with their learning too and also attending our family learning events throughout the year.  Wishing you all a safe, happy and fun-filled summer holiday.

Best Wishes from,

Mrs Carpenter, Miss Warrener, Miss Shaw, Mrs Kingdon, Mrs Gauntlet, Mrs Tyler, Miss Lutman, Mrs Greenwood, Mrs Mulreany and Miss Osmond

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KS1 fun afternoon

Yesterday KS1 celebrated the end of term with a fun afternoon of games, water and ice cream!

We had a wonderful time and got very very wet!!!

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Bubbly Blossom!

KS1 were lucky enough to be entertained this afternoon by a super bubbly performer – our very own Blossom! 

We have been using a film clip called Bubbles for English for the last few weeks and have lots of bubbles in class, so Blossom thought we would love to see some really amazing bubbles……………..they were fantastic!! 

Thank you  Blossom 🙂

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Feeling hot hot hot!

Even though the temperatures have been soaring in the last week or so, Neptune and Jupiter class have still been busy doing their normal lessons. 

Last week they went outside to complete a maths treasure challenge where they had to find maths problems dotted around the playground, solve them and then crack the secret message code by matching their answers to the different letters.

They made good use of the playground chalk to show different calculations and in the end most of the pairs worked out the secret message – MATHS IS FUN!

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Lovely llamas!

After a few busy, busy weeks we decided we needed an afternoon of art and summer music!

So to link with our Peru topic we studied the patterns of traditional Peruvian woven fabrics and then used these observations to create an oil pastel patterned background which we then painted over using an oil resist technique.  Then we made careful observational drawings of llamas and used chalk pastels to colour them and then assembled our two pieces of art. We think the results are fantastic!


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Crazy carnival hat making!

Today a fantastic team of mums, dads, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, grandpas and grandmas came to school to help the children in Mars, Jupiter and Neptune Class make their crazy, colourful Peruvian style hats ready for the carnival on Friday.

The challenge was to decorate them with ribbons, bows, beads, pom poms and anything else you could get your hands on to make your hat stand out in the crowd.  There were some fantastic creations by the end of the afternoon and we can’t wait for everyone to see them on our school carnival day at the end of the week.

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Beautiful butterflies

Each KS1 class has been observing and recording the lifecycle of the butterfly through first hand experience.  Each class started with five tiny caterpillars which transformed into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.  We released them just before the holidays. 

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