This week in KS1 we have been REMEMBERING in our class liturgies.

We have been remembering ….

… those who have been involved in war;

… those who have fought in war;

… those who have been injured or died;

… and also friends and families who are no longer with us. x

Each child wrote the name of someone who they wanted to remember or thank and then during the response, they each laid their poppy in the centre in the shape of a wreath.

Later all of the poppies from KS1 were turned into a larger wreath and displayed in the corridor alongside our statue of St Thomas More. 

The children have shared been some very moving, happy and touching stories and memories and it has been lovely to see the children looking for the names of their loved ones on the wreath.  They have also brought in photographs from home of some of their heroes.




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Firework night safety advice from Neptune Class

If you are off out to a firework event this weekend, the following children from Neptune Class have the best advice for you. 

Stay safe!











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London’s Burning, London’ Burning!

Wow! What a fantastic way to end our Bright Lights, Big Big City, Great Fire of London topic!!!

The children built the streets of London, using the models of the Tudor style houses that they had made as part of a family learning workshop.  The fire was lit in the bakery at the corner of Pudding Lane and it was clear to see how easily the fire spread from house to house. 

We will also be using this event as a hook to our next Fire Safety topic.

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Having a ‘blast’ at Fort Nelson!

Today KS1 went out on their first trip of this year to Fort Nelson to re-enact the story of The Gunpowder Plot.

It was a lovely day for a drive in the minibuses along the top of Portsdown Hill and we enjoyed spotting familiar landmarks such as the Spinnaker Tower, the Lipstick Tower, the naval ships in the harbour and the Isle of Wight.

When we got to Fort Nelson we made our way underground to the tunnels and there we first role played being plotters.  We received a letter from Robert Catesby who told us all about his plan to kill King James and blow up the Houses of Parliament.  So we set off quietly down the tunnels to find some gunpowder barrels.  We carried them back an carefully hit them in the corner of the cellar.  But then all of a sudden we heard a noise!!! It was the King’s guards who were searching the tunnels so we fled quickly to the end of the tunnel leaving the gunpowder unguarded.

Then we changed roles and became the King’s guards, because Lord Monteagle had received a letter warning that the King’s life was in danger.  Now we had to save the King, so we set off in search for Guy Fawkes who we had heard might be somewhere in the cellars.  We found him in the cellar with a trail of gunpowder leading from the gunpowder barrels and we grabbed him, ready to take him to the Tower of London!!!

Phew – what a relief – the King was saved and so were the Houses of Parliament!

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Building London!

This week we had our first family learning event in KS1. Our families were invited to join the children and build models of houses that would have been in the streets of London in 1666, the year that the Great Fire of London took place.  What a fabulous turnout and what amazing houses we have too!!

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History detectives!

Jupiter Class became history detectives when a box with some mysterious objects appeared in their classroom.

They explored them carefully, asking and answering questions and finally came to the conclusion that these artefacts had come from the Great Fire of London.


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Around the UK in just 1 day!

As part of our Bright Lights, Big City topic, KS1 have been learning about the different countries of the United Kingdom.  We had learned a little about the capital city of England, London through our English texts and our topic work but we still needed to find out about Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  So we had  a very busy day today visiting the four countries of the UK without even leaving Bedhampton!   We learned about the characteristics of each country, the landscape, famous landmarks, famous people associated with each country, myths and legends, music and dance and even got to taste some typical foods from each country. Here are some slideshows from each country … 

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