Stargazing evening

KS1 celebrated all the wonderful work they have been doing this half term in their ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ topic with a star gazing evening.

The children returned to school at 5pm to take part in a range of space related craft activities and also used the iPads to spot the planets and constellations in our solar system. A great time was had by all!  We even got to finish some of the activities the following day in class.

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Editing is cool!!

Neptune Class have been talking about editing their writing.  Even though we could understand and explain why it was necessary to check over our work, make corrections, make changes and additions, we still found it a little bit tedious!

SO……. we now have ‘check specs’ to wear when we check over our work and also have editing space stations to make the whole process that little more interesting.

We have six editing stations that we visit with our writing to identify ways in which we can make our writing even better.

We have the vocabulary space station where we look for words that we can improve.

At the read aloud space station we do something called ‘monkey talking’, putting our hands over our ears and reading our work aloud – it really does work!

Visiting the spelling space station gives us an opportunity to check our spellings using word mats, phonics mats and dictionaries.

Punctuation fans and posters are used at the punctuation spelling station to remind us to check that we have correctly used full stops, capital letters, question marks, exclamation marks, commas and apostrophes.

We work with a partner at the buddy up station and check each others work, giving supportive advice.

Mission control is where we get to discuss our writing with an adult.

Editing our writing is not so bad after all!!

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To Infinity and Beyond!!!

We are only half way through our latest topic, ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’ but the response, from our children and their families, to our learning and enquiry homework has been fantastic!

We have so many different and creative outcomes that have certainly brightened up our classroom walls, shelves and ceilings.  We were not able to photograph them all but here’s just some of them for you to view too…..

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Thank you as always to our families for encouraging  and supporting the children in their learning.

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10….9….8….7….6…..5…..4….3…..2…..1…..BLAST OFF!

On Friday afternoon KS1 were treated to a rocket launch in their very own playground!!

Seth and his family had chosen , as part of the learning and enquiry homework, to build a model rocket that would actually fly!!!

After much testing at home the rocket ‘Neptune Class 2’, and its astronaut ‘Neptune Armstrong’, were ready for launch from the St Thomas More’s space station.

With the necessary technical and safety support of dad, Mission Commander/Controller Seth, ensured the rocket was fuelled correctly.

 Then the countdown got underway……

Launch 1 was so successful that it was decided that astronaut Neptune Armstrong should make a further 2 flights…..

You will pleased to hear that no lego astronauts were hurt in the filming of these launches!!!


(Thank you to Seth and his dad for providing us with so much fun!)


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Message from the Moon

Something very strange happened on the infant playground this morning!!

We went out for a quick bit of fresh air after assembly and George and Freddie noticed something that looked a little bit like a parachute hanging from one of the branches of the trees.  Hanging from the parachute was a pouch with something folded up in it, so we took a vote and nearly all of us thought we should look inside the pouch and see what it was.

Well….inside there was a note from Bob (the man on the moon) who was advertising for an assistant to help him on the moon!!! 

We were all very excited as the advert stated that free travel was included, so we all thought that must mean travelling by a rocket to space!  Most of us were very keen to find out more about the position of moon assistant so we went back to class, and using some pictures from the book ‘Man On The Moon’, we completed an inference task where we shared our ideas about what the duties of a moon assistant might be.

Well who knows what might happen next?  If there are no more blog posts next week, then maybe one of the KS1 staff will have applied for the position and got the job!

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Jupiter and Mars Class successfully complete astronaut training

The last of our KS1 space cadets to complete the NASA astronaut training  this week were Mars and Jupiter class.

They began by listening to a message from the famous local astronaut Tim Peake.

They were now ready to begin a gruelling afternoon of training which tested their physical, social and mental capabilities.

Here they are in action!

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Following completion of all activities the trainee astronauts took part in a rocket launch!!!

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WOW! What a fantastic first week back we have had!

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Neptune shoot for the stars!

Today Neptune Class had a superb time at The Novium Museum in Chichester.  They tool part in a Space Explorer Worshop which tested their abilities to become an astronaut.

Here’s just a few photos of their fun day!

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