Mr Bains visits KS1

Our first topic in 2016 was called ‘World Religions – Hinduism’.  The children explored how Hindus worship, who they worship and learned lots of information about this interesting religion.

We were very lucky  as we had a special visitor come to talk to us about the Hindu faith.  His name was Mr Bains and he had lots of things to teach us.

Mr Bains is a Hindu and is from India but now lives locally.  He taught us how to welcome each other by saying ‘Namaste’, putting our hands together and bowing our heads.

Mr Bains then taught us about some of the many Hindu Gods.  We found out that Hindus pray to different Gods depending on what they want the Gods to help them with.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are just three of their Gods .


The next part of our Hindu workshop was very exciting as Mr Bains had brought lots of Indian musical instruments into school for us to use to accompany a song.

We had great fun and learned lots too!  We will now be using all our learning to create non-fiction books all about Hinduism.

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