Wear Dots day – supporting the RNIB

Last Friday the children and their families had lots of fun, raising over £150 as part of KS1’s Wear Dots day.

   The children came to school wearing dots and created touchy feely sensory pictures ….. and then in the afternoon their parents joined them for an afternoon of dotty fun – including dotty cakes, dot to dot challenges, dotty finger painting, dotty paintings on the computers, dotty games including Twister, Connect 4, tiddlywinks and Pacman.

 We all had a wonderful time raising so much money!

The money raised will be sent to the Royal National Institute for the Blind to support the fantastic work that they do for people with visual impairments.

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2 Responses to Wear Dots day – supporting the RNIB

  1. Victoria says:

    Michelle and I had a great afternoon. I realised that Michelle is really good at Twister.

    Michelle’s Mummy


    • ks1blog says:

      I am glad you both had a fun afternoon!! It was a great way to end the half term.
      I think Michelle would be far better at Twister than me!!

      See you tomorrow.
      Mrs C 🙂


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