Miss Shaw’s super summer!

Hiya everyone.

Hope you’re all having a lovely summer holiday.

I can’t believe we have already had 4 weeks off! I have been really busy catching up with friends and family, going for lots of walks with my dog and eating lots of yummy cake!

received_10154610465024835I have just got back from camping in Weymouth. The weather was amazing so we went for lots of walks, had lots of barbecues and went fossil hunting in Lyme Regis.


I went fishing for the first time and the skipper even let me steer his boat and we had some lovely lazy beach days!


We also went to Weymouth carnival, watched the parade and saw the Red Arrows.

My favourite part of camping is having a camp fire every night and toasting marshmallows over it 🙂
received_10154610461029835Can’t wait to see you all and hear what you’ve been up to!

Miss Shaw


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2 Responses to Miss Shaw’s super summer!

  1. Conor Crookes says:

    Hello it’s Conor your old year 1 I had a awesome summer ! We saw the Red Arrows too. I really miss being in your class but I like Mrs carpenter too. It looks like you had a lovely summer. I’m going to Thorpe Park tomorrow for more fun. Enjoy your weekend. Love from Conor

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