Mrs. Silk’s busy summer!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays I look forward to hearing everybody’s news.

I have had a lovely summer spending time with my family.  We have been enjoying the weather:  picnics, time on the beach, the farm, feeding the ducks, going to the park, Fort Nelson and doing the library challenge.  We have spent a lot of time playing in the garden and catching up with family and friends. 

We have just got back from Disneyland Paris.  It was amazing – So magical! I met Mickey Mouse and told him all about the lovely children at St. Thomas Mores he said hello to you.  The parade and fireworks were spectacular.  My favourite ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride because you had to help Buzz zap all the baddies – I did very well!  James’ favourite ride was the Peter Pan ride and Emily liked the Frozen sing a long show the best.  We are now very tired and having a couple of rest days.


I look forward to seeing you all next week and hearing all about your holidays.  Don’t forget your white bags on Tuesday to share with the class.

Mrs. Silk

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