Summer Holiday update from Mrs Tyler

We hope that all of our KS1 families are having wonderful summer holidays so far and the children have started collecting bits and pieces for their holiday memory bags.  Some ideas of things to pop in the bags could be a photograph, a postcard, a ticket, a menu, a map, a shell and so on.

Mrs Tyler has been having a wonderful holiday so far and here is her blog update……

Hell0 all in Key Stage 1.  I hope you are all having an amazing holiday.  So far I have had some lovely days out and have bumped into one or two of you in various places!

The first thing I did on my holiday was to take my mum and my sister out for coffee and cake in Emsworth.  It was a lovely day so we went for a walk by the Mill Pond and saw lots of swans. 

Apart from going for lots of walks, I have been on lots of boat trips and sailing trips with my family.  We have had picnics on the beach and have swum in the sea.  In the photograph below I have just spotted a seal in Chichester Harbour! 

My son Nicholas and I went sailing on a big yacht to the Isle of Wight.  Unfortunately the weather was terrible and we got stuck in Yarmouth for two days.  We played Monopoly, ate biscuits and went for little walks between the rain showers.  Too windy for sailing, so I had to come home by train! 

My best day out has been a ride in a hot air balloon.  Mr Tyler and I had to get up before the sun got up, and drive into the countryside near a place called Henley.  We met some people in a big field and there was the balloon, lying on the wet grass.  We had to help hold the balloon while it filled with hot air, then we climbed into the basket and flew up into the sky!  It was amazing … so quiet and peaceful …. over houses and farms, roads and rivers, towns and countryside, woods and fields.  However, when the pilot put the burners on to make us go higher, it sounded like a dragon roaring and the air was all hot too.  I think I know what it would be like to ride a dragon now!  The landing was very exciting because the pilot chose a very small field and I thought we were going to miss the grass and end up in the trees, but the pilot was very good and we landed safely.  It was a fantastic trip and I would like to do it again. 

The holidays are going very quickly now and I am looking forward to seeing you all in your new classes soon.

Love from Mrs Tyler.

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