Mrs Carpenter’s Holiday Blog

Hello everybody!  I hope you are all having a brilliant holiday and having lots of fun with your friends and families.

My summer holiday did not quite go to plan as I have been on crutches twice this holiday – once for an infected spider bite that made my leg and ankle swell right up (didn’t think you would want to see the photos of that!) and then on Saturday I managed to tear my calf muscle running around on the beach with my dogs.  But I am hoping it will be much better by this time next week!!

However,  I have managed to find some photographs of the fun things that I have done when I could get out and about.


At the start of the holidays, we went to West Wittering beach on a windy day and the sand was blowing across the beach and it was making patterns that looked like snakes slithering across the sand.  It was very cool!

Having a barbeque on Hayling Beach was a fun way to spend another evening, although it got dark very quickly once the sun had gone down.

We have walked the dogs, Sam and Murphy, around Butser Hill too – there were some amazing views from the top and it is was quite fun to walk down the slopes but not so fun getting back up! 

My favourite part of being on holiday is being able to go down to the beach as often as I can and paddle in the sea.  Here is a photo of Sam and Murphy playing in the sea with their toy bone. They would do this for hours and one day we were in the sea for nearly two hours playing this game.

And here is a photograph of my footsteps on the sand at Hayling Island.  About ten minutes later I had my accident and tore my calf muscle and had to make a phonecall for help!

Well I now have to rest my leg to get it to heal but it has meant that I have been able to complete Neptune Class’s pebble fish mural, to go with the work that we did on transition day after reading the book ‘Only One You’.  I think it looks really good and I just hope that the glue will hold all of your pebble fish on.  I wonder if you can find your fish if you made one.

Well enjoy the final week everyone!

Love from Mrs Carpenter 🙂


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