It was like we’ve never been away!

Well we can’t believe we have been back for one week already!  The time has gone so quick which is always good news.  The children in Mars, Jupiter and Neptune Classes have settled back into school life very quickly and we have been so impressed with how they come into school with happy, smiley faces each morning.  They also look very smart in their school uniforms and new shoes!

We would like to say a big thank you to our parents for helping the children collect items to put into their holiday memory bags.  Again this year, they have been a great success and it has been wonderful listening to the children talking about the things in their bags and sharing their memories with others.  We have also used the memory bags to inspire some recount writing of postcards, and some of these are up on display in the school library area and in the KS1 corridor.

Congratulations to the children who also completed some of the tasks on the summer holiday reading challenge too.  Hopefully they should have received their certificates and house points too.

We have also been thinking about being positive in our learning, trying things even if they are difficult,  not giving up and recognising that mistakes can help us learn.  We call this having a growth mindset.  Neptune Class read a book called ‘Beautiful Oops’ by Barney Saltzberg, which demonstrates that it is okay to make mistakes – in fact you make beautiful things out of mistakes!  Neptune Class had an afternoon of making mistakes in art, smudging and flicking paint, folding and tearing paper and crumpling up sheets too.  They then turned their mistakes into something beautiful and created this very imaginative and creative art gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well we hope you will keep visiting our blog this year to see what is going in in our classrooms.  You can ‘follow’ our blog too, then you will get notifications every time it is updated – see the link on the right hand side menu.

P.S. Please leave us a comment below as it is lovely to see who visits us and we can show the children who has been visiting our blog on the visitor map too. Thank you 🙂

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6 Responses to It was like we’ve never been away!

  1. Jenny Rogers says:

    Well done KS1, sounds like you are all having fun settling into your new classes. Some beautiful displays & drawings. Keep up the good work. Jenny (Ava’s mum)


  2. Helen says:

    Well done all
    Let’s keep up the good work

    Love to see all the amazing creations


  3. Michael Fountain says:

    Holly couldn’t wait to get back to school. Holiday club didn’t have a patch on STMS.
    Here is to another successful year to you all.


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