Jupiter Class on board the Titanic

Once we had set sail on the Titanic we were keen to explore the different parts of the ship!

Safety first for Jupiter Class…… we made a visit to Titanic’s wireless room.  Here we pretended to be wireless radio operators and solve and create morse codes, just like the radio operators would have sent on the Titanic back in 1912.


Next we were lucky enough to enjoy the facilities on the decks.  There was a game called shuffleboard …

There was a band playing an Irish jig so we had great fun dancing and twirling our friends in time to the music ………


Some of us visited the gymnasium  too …..

We also played a hoop game and tried to score the highest score ….


Some of us just took the time to relax on deck as the ship sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.

After all that exertion we decided we needed to refuel so we made our way down the ship’s corridor to the dining rooms.  There was a first class dining room and a third class dining room and luckily enough we got to try out the food and facilities in both. Most of us preferred the first class dining area with its luxurious table settings and orchestra playing in the background.


We even caught up with Captain Smith on deck!

What a great morning we had exploring the Titanic!


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