Mrs Carpenter’s summer

I love the summer holidays!  It means I get lots of opportunities to get out and about with my dogs and do my favourite thing as much as I can – walking on the beach!!

We made the most of the lovely weather and went on lots of dog walks with my two crazy spaniels Sam and Murphy.  We did lots of paddling and running around on the sand and in the dunes.

The beach was also a great place to do some shape spotting in the clouds.  Can you spot the two things that I could see in these clouds?

Some evenings we stayed on the beach and had a barbeque and watched the sunset.

We also went hunting in our village for hidden rocks.  We found lots of different ones that had been made by some of the families in the village.  Some were very well camouflaged and we also had great fun re-hiding the stones for someone else to find.

Like many of you I also went to the park a few times – I even went down the slide!

Last week I went to Chichester to see the Britannia Bricks exhibition in The Novium museum. There were some great models and scenes to look at and a very long steam train completely made from Lego.  I also made my own little boat whilst I was there.  The lift was fantastic – it was decorated like the inside of a space rocket!

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Well I can’t believe the holidays are nearly over, but I hope you have all had a super time and I will see you all next Tuesday!

Mrs Carpenter x

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