Having a ‘blast’ at Fort Nelson!

Today KS1 went out on their first trip of this year to Fort Nelson to re-enact the story of The Gunpowder Plot.

It was a lovely day for a drive in the minibuses along the top of Portsdown Hill and we enjoyed spotting familiar landmarks such as the Spinnaker Tower, the Lipstick Tower, the naval ships in the harbour and the Isle of Wight.

When we got to Fort Nelson we made our way underground to the tunnels and there we first role played being plotters.  We received a letter from Robert Catesby who told us all about his plan to kill King James and blow up the Houses of Parliament.  So we set off quietly down the tunnels to find some gunpowder barrels.  We carried them back an carefully hit them in the corner of the cellar.  But then all of a sudden we heard a noise!!! It was the King’s guards who were searching the tunnels so we fled quickly to the end of the tunnel leaving the gunpowder unguarded.

Then we changed roles and became the King’s guards, because Lord Monteagle had received a letter warning that the King’s life was in danger.  Now we had to save the King, so we set off in search for Guy Fawkes who we had heard might be somewhere in the cellars.  We found him in the cellar with a trail of gunpowder leading from the gunpowder barrels and we grabbed him, ready to take him to the Tower of London!!!

Phew – what a relief – the King was saved and so were the Houses of Parliament!

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