Jupiter go bug hunting!

As part of their latest science topic on animals, Jupiter Class had a wonderful trip to Queen Elizabeth Country Park.  They had a fun-packed day with lots of opportunities to learn and play outdoors.

Our first activity involved us turning ourselves into human caterpillars!  Each of us wore a blindfold and our leader (who wasn’t wearing a blindfold!) had to then carefully lead us to our next destination.  This caused lots and lots of  giggles and gasps!

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When we took our blindfolds off we were surprised to find that we had travelled from a grassy field, up a stony hill and into a forest!  Our first activity in the forest was a minibeast hunt!

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After looking at all the different minibeasts that we had found, we let them go back to their homes and then set to work on our next challenge –  constructing a  mini-beast collage using the things that were found on the forest floor.  Can you guess what they are?

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As we still had a bit of time before lunch we decided to finish the morning with a nature scavenger hunt.

After lunch we had great fun together in the play area as a treat for being so sensible in the morning.

We had a superb time at Q.E.C.P. and would like to say a HUGE thank you to our fabulous team of volunteer helpers.

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