Looking closely at God’s wonderful creation

In KS1 we have been looking closely at God’s wonderful world and retelling the key events of the creation story.

We collaged numbers that represented what God did on each day. No wonder he rested on Day 7 after creating light, dark, animals, stars, plants, sea and all the other amazing things too!

Mars Class made special binoculars and went on a creation hunt and looked at the things in our school grounds that we need to be thankful for and try to protect and look after too.

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Learning about London

Now that we have returned the Queen’s Hat that was found on our school roof and received our lovely lions as a thank you gift, we have officially launched our London topic, Bright Lights, Big City. Neptune Class wrote letters to the Queen to say thank you for the lions that were sent all the way from Buckingham Palace.

Each class also looked at  maps and videos of London and spotted various famous landmarks.  We then had  the very tricky task of building 3D models of these landmarks out of card – this took lots of perseverance!

We have been reading the brilliant book ‘The Queen’s Hat’ by Steve Antony.

In this story a sudden gust of wind blows the Queen’s hat off her head and it then goes on a journey around London.  The Queen, her corgi and the Queen’s Men chase after it, having to climb over Big Ben, around the London Eye, through London Zoo and so on.  Here are some of the story maps that we have been creating to help us retell this story.

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Next week we will begin to think about our own stories that will be in a similar style to ‘The Queen’s Hat’. 

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Memories of Summer and Growth Mindset

Well summer has long gone and the weather has certainly changed.  Everyone has loved hearing about what the children and their families got up to in the holidays and the children have particularly enjoyed sharing their memory bags, so thank you parents for supporting them with this.  Here is a few of them on display! 

The children in KS1 have also been reading a book called The Dot to help them learn about the  importance of having a go at anything, believing in themselves and having a positive growth mindset.  Just like the little girl in the story we made a gallery of fantastic dots. 

All the children are settling well into their new classes really well and enjoying their new learning spaces.




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KS1 Meet the Team powerpoint

Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the Meet the Team meeting this evening.

Here is the powerpoint that we shared.

If you have any questions please ask any of the team.

CLASS MEETING 2018 [Compatibility Mode]

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Keep your eyes peeled!!!

Well I never! 

KS1 were sent a very special message today from HRH The Queen…….

We best keep our eyes peeled then and see what happens next!

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Miss Shaw’s summer hols

I can’t believe that the summer holidays have just about gone!

I have had a lovely summer relaxing in the sunshine, spending lots of time with my family and friends and taking my dogs out for lots of long walks!


I went camping in Cornwall with my family but it rained so much and our tent nearly blew away in the wind, so we unfortunately had to come home early.

Victorious festival was so much fun! We had a great time in the circus tent learning lots of cool circus tricks and the music was great too.

Can’t wait to see you all on Tuesday 🙂

Miss Shaw

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Mrs Carpenter’s summer

I love the summer holidays!  It means I get lots of opportunities to get out and about with my dogs and do my favourite thing as much as I can – walking on the beach!!

We made the most of the lovely weather and went on lots of dog walks with my two crazy spaniels Sam and Murphy.  We did lots of paddling and running around on the sand and in the dunes.

The beach was also a great place to do some shape spotting in the clouds.  Can you spot the two things that I could see in these clouds?

Some evenings we stayed on the beach and had a barbeque and watched the sunset.

We also went hunting in our village for hidden rocks.  We found lots of different ones that had been made by some of the families in the village.  Some were very well camouflaged and we also had great fun re-hiding the stones for someone else to find.

Like many of you I also went to the park a few times – I even went down the slide!

Last week I went to Chichester to see the Britannia Bricks exhibition in The Novium museum. There were some great models and scenes to look at and a very long steam train completely made from Lego.  I also made my own little boat whilst I was there.  The lift was fantastic – it was decorated like the inside of a space rocket!

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Well I can’t believe the holidays are nearly over, but I hope you have all had a super time and I will see you all next Tuesday!

Mrs Carpenter x

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