Thank you!

We really can’t believe the summer holidays are here and another year in KS1 has come to an end! 

Thank you to the children and their families for the wonderful end of year cards, gifts and kind words.  We really do appreciate them.


Wishing you all a safe, happy and fun-filled summer holiday.

Best Wishes from,

Mrs Carpenter, Mrs Silk, Miss Shaw, Mrs Kingdon, Mrs Hackett, Mrs Tyler, Miss Eastman, Mrs Benn, Mrs Greenwood, Mrs Mulreany, Mrs Ray and Mrs Markham

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Dragon Eye art

Neptune Class created some beautiful clay tiles as part of their dragon topic work.  They looked very closely at different pictures of dragons and then drew their own designs for their tiles. They then shaped and sculpted clay and after it had hardened they decorated them very carefully.  Here’s a few photos of them being made and the finished results too – we think they are beautiful!

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Busy, busy, busy ……

KS1 had such a busy time that we’ve put together a few slideshows of the various events that we have been involved in as part of our learning.

We took part in a water themed Science Day …..

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We went to Bidbury Park and cleaned it up as part of The Big Tidy Up campaign …..

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We had a fantastic trip to Staunton country park …..

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We celebrated the end of the year with a bouncy castle day …..

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What a fabulous year we have all had!!!! 🙂



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Happy 60th Birthday S.T.M.S.

We have all had so much fun celebrating the 60th anniversary of the opening of our school on its current site. There’s been balloons, cakes, assemblies, bouncy castles, liturgies and so much more …………….and lots of history detective work too.

Each class formulated lots of questions at the start of this topic that we wanted to find the answers to.

Then the children started their detective work …..They interviewed Mrs Menage, Mr Hutchins and Mrs Kingdom (whose mum was a teacher at S.T.M.S. sixty years ago) and looked at artefacts that belonged to the school.  Here are some of the reports recording the evidence that Mars Class found.

Then we looked in detail at some of the brilliant homework that had been sent in by friends and family members and recorded even more evidence.

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Here are Neptune Class busy at work looking closely at the evidence and identifying things that were the same and different about St Thomas More’s in 1957 and today.

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At the end of the topic each class put together their overall findings in different ways. If you click on the numbers below you can view a few PDF examples of the slideshows that Neptune Class created using the Purple Mash software.

1  2     3


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Shape monsters take over the playground!

Neptune Class have been learning about shapes and their different properties. This week they used some of that knowledge to create shape monsters on the playground. They have them some funny names!!

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Crazy Capacity Cocktails!

Neptune Class had a fun afternoon designing and making cocktails, as part of their capacity work.

Each group chose different quantities of different flavoured juice and then they had to measure each flavour carefully and then mix them together.

There was lots of great maths talk taking place –

‘I’ve got 20ml but I need 70ml so I will need 50ml more.’

‘We have go 50ml so will need 100ml more to make 150ml.’

‘That’s less than 50ml, I think it’s about 30ml.’

‘Oh no that’s too much. We need to tip out about half of it.’

Once mixed together they then had to share the cocktail equally between the 6 cups.  This was quite tricky!

They topped off their cocktails with an umbrella ……

….and then they all got to drink their creations!  Cheers!

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Everyone agreed that they were delicious!


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KS1 and Year R disco

Here’s a slideshow of our Year R and KS1 children ‘getting on down’ at the disco!

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